Airsoft Eq (American style)

Now lets go with the american-style equipment.

From the top again:

FAST helmet.

Uvex protective goggles.

Stalker-style protective mask.

An Olive hoodie (or a multicam tshirt).

A vest in multicam with 3 STANAG mag pouches (in total of 6 M4 mags), a 1 pistol clip pouch, a utility pouch to keep my grenades and some other stuff) an admin pouch (to keep maps and knife) and a mag dump pouch attached to back of the vest.

Then on my pants belt I keep my profiled holster for the 1911.

ATAC-S AU (and i'll buy some multicamo) pants from Texar.

Original CAT working boots.


Original multicamo Mechanix gloves.

And the SRT-03, replica of M4 CQBR with a flashhider, Comp M2 scope and a profiled grip!

And that's it!

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