piątek, 23 listopada 2012

[REL][v1]Michael GTAV Style

Why did i make it? I guess it was for FUN! xD
A nice pretty UGLY Michael from GTAV, Design and textures by me, model by rockstar.
It wears a clothes from the first trailer, or like clothes from artwork "Pest Control".
It pretty good look with Midway's AK47 GTAV Style (http://midwaymods.blogspot.com/2012/10/rel-ak-47-from-gta-v-trailer-hq.html).
I know it UGLY ;) That is only v1 :D Only do to, is fix the face, and add bagg and gas mask.

sobota, 22 września 2012

[REL] P99 Pack

This same as under but added silenced version. THIS IS ONLY V1!!
P99s by paul98. So full credits to him !!

[WIP] P99

It's P99 from MW3 converted by Paul98. Im added the green digital camo. Here's the pic:

Im wanna to make it very similiar as this (i know it's P22):

but i cant find that same camo, so i use this. This is v1, maybe im make better, similiar camo to this this one above.
Do YOU want this ? Post in the chatbox!

czwartek, 28 czerwca 2012

czwartek, 21 czerwca 2012

[NTBR] U.S. Sniper Team


What's this ? It's a little pack, Sniper Team Pack, include:
- Sniper Ped - Woodland.
- Support Ped - Woodland
Sniper's Weapon's:
- M107 Sniper Rifle - Woodland
- Intervention Silenced HB Sensor - Woodland
Support Weapon's:
- M4 CQB Silenced - Woodland
- SCAR-L Acog LAM - Woodland

Green: Done 
Yellow: In progress
Orange: Work's started
Red: Work's not started.
(On Photo: Sniper Ped and M107)
P.S.: All models are made by Salva ! 
Realse delayed to unknown day.
UPDATE: Pack complete ! Tommorow realese !

niedziela, 20 maja 2012

[NTBR]Nukem Duke 3D Pistol

My first convert for Vice City, and my last convert in Zmodeler 2.
Tomorrow im add screenshot in-game !

NOTE: This sucks mod doesn't works !
NTBR, in GGMM the model is, but in-game Police dont shotting to me, but
fight me !

poniedziałek, 14 maja 2012

[REL]Maverick M4A1

My 2nd convert, im made this in 6 minuts ! 
                                                       Download Maverick M4A1
Okay, i've uploaded this :D
Enjoy new M4A1 !

[REL]Beretta M9 Elite

My FISRT convert !
Original from Vice City, works 100 %, more ScreenShoots in RaR file !