Airsoft Eq (Russian Style)

Lets start with the Serbian paramilitary style equipment.

What do I wear?
From the top:

A FAST helmet with a Digital Flora cover, or a Digital Flora panama hat.

Protective goggles by Uvex (because I wear eyeglasses)

Stalker-style protective mask (because I like my teeth ;] )

A Complete Digital Flora uniform made by Splav.

A MOLLE belt with AK mags pouches, cargo pouch and a MOLLE adapter for the holster , or an AK Chest Rig (4 pouches for 2 AK mags, 2 cargo pouches), and a belt with my Glock 23 holster when wearing the Chest Rig.

Bootleg Mechanix gloves.

A pair of original CAT working boots.

And the replica itself, a RK-02 AKS-74 with 7.4v LiPO battery (no tuning inside),

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