Airsoft equipment

It's my actual airsoft equipment, no splitting between russian or usa.

What do I wear?
From the top:

I still have that Fast Helmet in ATACS FG, gonna change it to a MICH 2002 with some tactical changes.

I still use the protective goggles by Uvex (because I wear eyeglasses), now i'll be buying Swiss Eye Stingray glasses with a eyeglass adapter in it. Also Revision Desert Locust for the MICH helmet :)

A balaclava (just to hide my personality xD and protect my teeth)

Now, i'm using ACU pants in ATACS FG, in a year or a half i'm going to change them to Crye Precision G3 pants (Crye or Die!)

Also, in the winter I wear Helikon Trooper softshell, under it a fleece shirt and a thermoactive pants and shirt. For the summer games, i'm using mostly tshirts. In the future, Massif Combat Shirt.

For the chest area, now i'm using a RRV made by TMC in coyote brown. It's a great chest rig, with a space for an admin pouch. For the Pouches setting, from the left: Radio Pouch for my Baofeng UV5R made by TMC (or a another pouch that I have is made by Flyye), next are 4 mag pouches (also by Flyye), and a utility pouch by Condor (kinda handy).
In the near future I'll also buy a JPC in multicam (maybe by TMC, cuz it's cheap, and it's all-cordura)
Then, for the belt setting I'm using a Flyye Gen2 BLS battle belt, with a dump pouch, two utility pouches (the bigger one is a noname, the tiny one is made by Flyye). Also there will be some pistol mag pouches.
Also, for the alternative loadout in the near future i'll buy a pants belt with a cobra buckle and a molle velcro adapter. Kinda cool when using Combat Shirts.

Original Mechanix gloves in Woodland.

For the footwear I'm wearing, the Garsing Alligator, a great copy of the LOWA Zephyr.

And finally for the replicas, I have four of them.
The first one is my infamous Spartac (really, a crappy brand, dont buy it!) but changed so much it isn't a Spartac anymore. All plastic parts changed to metal ones. Also tuning inside. One day, i'll swith the front for a MK18 one.
The second replica is my RK02 with a few changes on it. Mostly visual changes like a-fucking-lot of RISes. Top cover, handguard mostly. Will make some changes on the inside soon.
And then the third and the fourth replica: KJW G23 and my trusty 1911. Nothing to say here.

Photos soon.

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