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niedziela, 10 listopada 2013

My private HK416 update.

What added from the last time?

New sight: From ACOG with Red Dot on it, i changes it to a Elcan sight,
New magazine: PMAG Black with Heisenberg (Breaking Bad) face on it (not at this photo),
New silencer: from a boring from BF3 to a great 5.56 NATO silencer,
New Pistol Grip: From original HK to a great by Magpul,
New stock: Magpul MOE with a GARMIN naviagtion on it,

and thats all. New updated will be, so stay tuned.

piątek, 20 września 2013

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online.

Did you bought/pre-ordered(like me, special edition)/wanna buy?
Wanna play with me on GTA Online? Add me on PlayStation Network: "k1112537036" (In Contact label my PSN is too).
Awesome game.

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sobota, 17 sierpnia 2013

[REL] TRs 301 from STALKER: Call of Pripyat

One of the favourite weapons in the game ;)

Download: TRs 301

[REL] Ford Mondeo NYPD

So here's next vehicle, what i did yesterday, but im too lazy to release it, so i release it now ]:->
Sooo... im gonna try convert some weapons from STALKER: Call of Pripyat.

Download: NYPD Ford Mondeo

piątek, 16 sierpnia 2013

[REL] KA-60

yeah, KA-60 from BF3

One little bug what i can't fix:
On ground heli is "levitating", but you can get in and fly :)

Download: KA-60

czwartek, 15 sierpnia 2013

[NTBR] 18 WoS ET - Volvo F16 - UPDATE

First car-truck convert, coming soon.
The truck has fucked-up so... it will be a transport truck without Trailer... But i will do a truck with Trailer... here a pic of new version (box not textured).
Fuck that model - NTBR.

wtorek, 13 sierpnia 2013

HK-416 - Random Shit

Favourite rifle... Working on it, what will be a Private mod... or a special for 100,000 views? Maybe...


What im gonna do i next time:
- PMAG color,
- Weapon camo,
- And some fixes... 

[UPDATE_4 - Game Screenshoots]

[REL] MP5 from SWAT4

Sup, im back from Norway...
My first convert from a game - SWAT4. Enjoy MP5.

Download: MP5

czwartek, 4 lipca 2013

BF3 Weapon Pack


- 44. Magnum,

- 870 MCS,

- M1911,

- AK-74M,

- AEK-971 (with Kobra Sight),

- MP-443,

- SAIGA 12 (with PKA-S Holo),

- SCAR-L (with Holographic, AN-PEQ and Flashlight),

- Knife.


Download: BF3 Weapon Pack